Locker 19

Welcome to “Locker 19”, this page will featuring specimens that did not make the Geoblitz reviews, along with other oddities deep within the collection.


The unmentioned specimens

In this section I will highlight some specimens of note that weren’t mentioned in the review or for some reason didn’t quite make it.

Phacopid Trilobite

Phacopid Trilobite

Here’s a great trilobite, a quite common Devonian Phacopid from Morocco. It towers above the rest of the trilobites and is relatively speaking a monster of the trays.



Below are two wonderful specimens that are worth a mention. Sadly due to a slight oversight they were omitted from the Arthropod review, due to being on display the the Leeds City Museum.



Sea scorpion

If reviewed I am sure they both would have scored a Gold award. Left is a fine sea scorpion – Erettopterus and below, a stunning lobster specimen from the Jurassic Solnhofen limestone in Germany.




Below is a weird and wonderful oddity from the Petrology review. The specimen has a small piece of limestone embedded within the weathered, coarse sandstone base and is sculpted by erosion. It was awarded  0 bronze stars and omitted from the review write up, but feel it deserves a mention.


Limestone in sandstone


Below are two amazing specimens omitted from the Mineral Review. Editing the results of this review was a tough call, as there were so many wonderful specimens that didn’t make it into the final blog post. So here is a worthy specimen of Hematite with associated Quartz, from the West Cumbrian Ore Field, England; scoring 1 Gold star.


Hematite with quartz

Also a lovely example of the stunning mineral Lazurite. It contains very few pyrite flecks, so does not make it Lapis Lazuli, but it is such a beautiful and intense colour; scoring 1 Silver star.




The Palaeobotany review also had a wealth of material to edit down, whilst not quite as high scoring as the minerals. One of the specimens that deserves a mention is a silicified cross section of Quercus –  oak tree, but has no accompanying data. These specimens are quite common and never fail to impress; scoring 0 Silver stars.


Quercus – Oak tree


Below is a very interesting specimen edited out of the Ammonites review. A assemblage of some unusual hybrid ammonites – Eoderoceratids; with lovely preservation, in both part and counter part of the rock, but sadly no data. Scoring 0 Silver stars.




Below is a single scale from the incredible 7+ metre Carboniferous fish Rhizodus hibberti from Midlothian, Scotland. It is one of only two Rhizodus fossils in the collection, but is worth a mention. Sadly it did not score in the Fish review, but it featured in an animation we’ve made.


Rhizodus hibberti



Much more to come…


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