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Etheldred Benett specimens

Etheldred Benett (22 July 1776 – 11 January 1845) was one of England early geologists, and considered the “first lady geologist”, who worked closely with Gideon Mantell, George Bellas Greenough, William Buckland and Samuel Woodward.

Her extensive collection amassed over her life time, was purchased by physician Thomas Wilson, who donated it to the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, USA, where it resides to date.

In 1845, a modest sub-collection of hers did not make the transatlantic journey and resides in Leeds Museums and Galleries. Trying to decipher her specimens from the 1,000’s in the collection is an undertaking, but cross referencing literature and handwriting was lead to 3 being identified, with others just waiting to reveal their true historic past.

As a final Geoblitz treat, i can say these are part of Leeds Museum’s Etheldred Benett collection.


Polypothecia quinqueloba, sponge from Warminster, UK.


Polypothecia sp., sponge with bivalve, location unknown.


Myoconcha portlandica, bivalve from Dorset, UK.

As Geoblitz comes to a close, I would like to thank everyone involved and everyone around the World who has visited this blog.




Armley Hippo & Friends animation

Click Here to view the animation.

The winners of the “Armley Hippo & Friends” drawing and story open competition are:


Drawing by Holly Reeve

Story “Stuck in the mud” by Lochan Chakrabarti

The winning story and drawing are currently being turned into a 5 minute cartoon, and will be show during “Hippo week”, along with all the entries, at Leeds Museum; 4th – 9th April 2017. There were so many wonderful creations, so a big thank you to everyone that entered.