The Rock Type Collection

The rock type or petrology collection consists of 190 trays of 4,500 specimens featuring Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary rocks from the UK, around the world and beyond….



A large slab of Wenlock limestone.








The bulk of the collection is sedimentary, represented by numerous sandstone, limestone and mudstone specimens, also containing some stunning examples of siltstone, dolostone, marl and chalk.


We also have a strong representation of igneous petrology predominantly consisting of basalt, gabbro, diortie and granite specimens; with additional examples of peridoite, picrite, syenite and trachyte, and stunning specimens of pegmatite.

There are also some wonderful examples of andesite and rhyloite with amazing obsidian glass, pitchstone and snowflake obsidian specimens. Not to mention volcanic pumice and beautiful banded tuff.



A great example of a metamorphic schist.










The metamorphic petrology features some wonderful slate, schist, amphibolite and gniess specimens; with some truly spectacular phllite, quartzite and marble.


A wonderful specimen of puckered slate.









The collection also contains some weird and wonderful geological features, notably the incredible cone-in-cone formation, septarian nodules and preserved ripple beds.


A specimen of cone-in-cone geological feature.











Some of the material really is “out of this world” with a few examples of meteorites and the products of a meteor impact tektites. The strangest of all, is a small unassuming specimen of fused sand, the preserved moment in time of a lightning strike.


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