The Fossil Collection

The fossils make up the majority of the collection and also date back to the founding of Leeds Museum in the 1820’s, encompassing the collections of numerous individuals, notably: Cyril P. Castell, Etheldred Bennett, J.V. Stevens and the recently acquired Leeds collector Earnest E. Gregory.

The result is a vast collection of over 530 trays with approximately 16,000 specimens, covering a vast range of fauna and flora from the local region, the UK, and many sites from around the world.

Mariopteris muricata, one of the many wonderful fossil plant specimens.


We have a substantial fossil plant collection of 3,500 specimens from the Carboniferous and Jurassic, which have been extensively studied  and cited.





A modest collection of over 1,700 Ammonites and Belemnites, 1,200 Brachiopods, and over 2,000 Bivalves from the local region and further afield. Some impressive wonders of the archives are full skeletons of marine reptiles and Iguanodon bones collected by Edwin Austin.


Two large dinosaur coprolites from Utah, USA.


A dinosaur egg, dinosaur dung from Utah, and large slabs of ripple beds with the preserved archosaur footprints.




Plus a large collection of fossil fish, sharks teeth and vertebrae, including a three dimensionally preserved Coelacanth, Megalichthys and teeth from the ferocious Megalodon shark.


The collection also contains material from numerous cave deposits, notably: Kents Cavern, Raygill Fissure, Windy Knoll, Dawker Bottom, Victoria Cave and Wookey Hole.  Featuring numerous mammal skeletal material including a type specimen skull of the extinct Ursus arctos cave bear .

Skull of the extinct Ursus arctos.


This wealth of fossil material will soon undergo intense scrutiny when the Geoblitz reviews commence in a few weeks time.


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